Remote Access CCTV Camera Systems Are Great For Business

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Remote Access CCTV Camera Systems Are Great For Business

27 June 2023
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Protecting your business is one of the most important aspects of being a business owner. So, you already understand how the addition of CCTV security cameras makes sense. However, installing a security camera system with a remote option provides even more benefits; learn about some of them.

Real-Time Response

Less technologically-enabled CCTV security camera systems do an awesome job at recording movement around the building, but they offer less when it comes to making a timely response. With a remote-based system, in the event of an incident, even if you are away from the building, you can contact the necessary individuals to produce a response to the incident right away. The ability to act fast can do a lot in terms of increasing safety.

Cost Savings

To achieve a level of response similar to what was previously mentioned without a remote-based system, the closest alternative would be to hire an on-site security professional. There is no comparison in costs between these two options. Security camera installation typically involves a one-time installation fee. However, security guards require hourly wages and benefits, and they come with the risk of workers' compensation in the event they are harmed on the job. A remote-based camera system is far more cost-effective. 

Footage Retrieval

Remote-based CCTV security cameras typically rely on cloud-based systems to store camera footage. Security cameras that are not remote-based generally use traditional video recording technology. As such, when you need to retrieve footage, you typically have to manually review the footage to find what you need. Remote-based systems allow you to filter footage based on the terms of your search, such as the time and date, to find the footage you are looking for faster. 


As previously mentioned, with a remote system, you can view live footage no matter where you are located. As long as you have internet access, you can typically access the cameras. If you have a business that you are unable to visit often, the ability to look in and check on your business will give you greater confidence your business is safe. Even if you are more concerned with checking in on your employees' productivity levels, being able to view footage in real time will be especially helpful.

To learn about even more benefits of a remote access CCTV security system, be sure to speak with a security professional who can discuss the details with you.