A 3-Pronged Approach to Security Access for Your Building

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A 3-Pronged Approach to Security Access for Your Building

2 June 2022
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Larger buildings may contain any number of offices, making it difficult to have adequate security to monitor who enters the building and whether they are authorized to be there at all. There are three security features that can make it easier to check in visitors and employees.


Kiosks are used to make the workload easier for receptionists or security in the lobby of the building, but they can be used in waiting rooms. Kiosks can serve a wide range of functions. You should consider installing a kiosk that can print a visitor's pass, complete with a picture and barcode. The ability to print a picture can help staff determine if the person entering the premises is identical to the visitor pass. Since many state IDs and driver's licenses come with a barcode, you may want a kiosk that is capable of scanning the ID so the person at the kiosk can be checked against a database of people who are prohibited from entering the building. Once the visitor signs in at the kiosk, another party can be alerted that they have arrived for their appointment or meeting, and when they have left the building.

Web-Based Access Control

Web-based access control gives you full control of the premise from any internet-connect device. Using a cloud-based platform is more cost-effective because it does not need to be installed on local computers. Additionally, the process is more efficient since many buildings may only have a few computers with the access control software installed. People who are responsible for access control can use tablets or smartphones, allowing them to move around, as needed. Access control can be imperative to maintaining the safety of people in the building. In the event of an emergency, it will be easy to lock or unlock all or specific doors, whether it's an attempt to prevent someone from gaining further entry into the building or if there is a fire and you need more exits.

Key Cards

Key cards are an excellent way to give relevant people access to the building while reducing the chances of someone who is not authorized to be there entering the premises. There are various types of technology that make it easier to copy keys, even just by taking a picture of the key. Relying on keys is no longer a secure way of managing access to the building. One benefit of using key cards is they can be created quickly and privileges can be revoked immediately, when necessary. This prevents instances where someone has their access to the building revoked and they simply do not return the key or have unknowingly made a copy. It is expensive, time-consuming, and not practical to change the locks every time someone has their access privileges revoked. With a key card system, there are no locks that need to be changed.

Large buildings, especially those with many offices will require a more sophisticated access control system to both protect everyone in the building and maintain efficiency as people enter and exit the building or individual offices. Finding ways to streamline the check-in and check-out process while maintaining safety is easier with modern access control tools.

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