5 Advantages Of Deploying Cloud Video Surveillance System

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5 Advantages Of Deploying Cloud Video Surveillance System

14 March 2022
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Are you frustrated at having to upgrade your surveillance system's storage every few months? You should consider switching to a cloud platform. The management software and storage are hosted offsite on a cloud platform in this setup. All configurations, control, and monitoring can be done on any computer or smartphone connected to the internet. A cloud video surveillance system works particularly well for multi-site security management because all sites can be monitored from a central point. It is also possible to share credentials to enable easier security team collaboration. Here are several reasons you should upgrade to a cloud platform:

1. More Flexible Storage 

Compared to a traditional video surveillance system, a cloud video surveillance system is more flexible in storage because the cloud platform can be scaled up or down easily. This means you do not have to worry about storage space running out. The cloud platform will automatically increase the available storage space to accommodate new recordings when storage capacity is running low. 

2. Reduced Risks of Data Loss       

Data loss is common in traditional video surveillance systems because hard drives are easily damaged and corrupted by physical impact, electrical surges, and power failures. However, with a cloud video surveillance system, data is stored remotely on the cloud platform.

The system does continuous backup, which works very well for a system with numerous cameras. In addition, you are insulated against disasters such as fire because the data is offsite. It is also secure against vandals who may wish to destroy evidence. 

3. Flexible Footage Retrieval and Review 

The footage is encrypted and stored on the cloud platform in a cloud video surveillance system. This means that you can retrieve the footage from any location with an internet connection. You can also have multiple users reviewing footage simultaneously, even on different devices. 

4. Flexible Scaling Up and Upgrading     

In a traditional video surveillance system, you need to purchase a larger storage capacity when your business grows or when you want to upgrade your existing system. However, with a cloud video surveillance system, you can scale up or down the number of cameras or storage space based on your needs. The management platform also upgrades automatically. 

5. Remote Management 

You need to go to the physical location to manage the cameras in a traditional video surveillance system. With a cloud video surveillance system, you can log in to the platform and manage the cameras from any internet-connected device. You can review footage and control cameras in real-time from wherever you are.

A cloud platform offers huge advantages to your security management. Contact your video surveillance systems supplier about deploying a cloud-based video surveillance system for more robust security.