5 Common Questions About Wired Fire Alarm Device Installation

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5 Common Questions About Wired Fire Alarm Device Installation

25 March 2021
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Fire alarms largely go unnoticed until they sound off the alarm. But it is important to ensure these critical safety devices are properly installed, tested, and monitored. As a homeowner or a property manager, there are several things you should know about wired fire alarm devices. Here are some common questions about wiring fire alarm device installation. 

1. What Is a Wired Fire Alarm Device?

A wired fire alarm is also known as a hardwired fire alarm. It differs from the standard fire alarm because it connects to the building's electrical circuit, whereas a standard fire alarm is powered by a battery pack. A wired fire alarm system is interconnected, which means when one alarm goes off, the other alarms sound off as well. This advantage makes wired fire alarms suitable for storied buildings or large homes. 

2. Who Can Install a Wired Fire Alarm Device?

Fire laws differ from state to state, but some common requirements for fire alarm installers include the following:

  1. The makers of the fire alarm device must train and certify the installer. They must also be proficient in handling the specific make and brand of the fire alarm device they are installing.
  2. They must be registered, certified, and licensed to operate in the jurisdiction, either individually or by belonging to a body that is recognized by the state. A body that is nationally recognized and listed must test and qualify its devices.

3. How Long Will a Fire Alarm Device Last?

A properly wired fire alarm device installation will last about 10 years. The fire alarm might sound off false alarms after this period, which will require a new installation. 

4. Why Do You Need to Monitor the Fire Alarm?

The fire alarm is the first line of defense against fire. When a fire happens, you need fire responders on-site as soon as possible. It is important to ensure that the fire alarm works as expected instead of waiting for a fire to find out. The few minutes of early warning can make a big difference in saving lives and property. 

5. Why Do You Need to Keep Records of Fire Alarm Installation and Testing? 

Fire laws in many states require that you keep a record of fire alarm design drawings, device test results, and the sequence of operating the device. You must also have the operation and maintenance manual. These documents should be available in both soft and hard copy.

Are you considering wired fire alarm device installation? Ensure you hire an experienced and licensed installer for the job.