Home Security Upgrades For Senior Parents: Four Options To Consider

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Home Security Upgrades For Senior Parents: Four Options To Consider

11 December 2019
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As your parents or loved ones get older, your family may decide to help them age in place at home. This provides a sense of independence, but there are some things you'll want to do to help ensure your parents are safe and secure within the home. Here are some home security upgrades to consider for your senior parents.

Home Monitoring Services

While there are a lot of camera and alarm options out there that simply send alerts straight to your phone, there's still a need for home monitoring services. This is especially true for senior citizens. Having a security system with a built-in intercom system or emergency fobs can make it easy for your loved ones to contact the monitoring service in the event of a fall or other type of accident. The service can then dispatch emergency services, ensuring your loved ones get the proper care right away.

Smart Smoke Detectors

If you are concerned about your parents using the stove or oven safely, consider having smart smoke detectors installed. These detectors can send push notifications to your phone whenever smoke is detected. You can use this information to call your parents to determine if there's no emergency or if you need to call emergency responders. If the smart smoke detector is connected to the home security system, the monitoring service can also take appropriate action.

Smart Lighting

Installing new lights inside the home might not seem like a security feature at first glance, but it can do wonders for helping your parents feel safe and secure. You can set lighting schedules to make it appear as though there are more individuals in the home than just your parents, and you can also create voice-activated lighting for nighttime walks to the restroom. Easy illumination of hallways at night can help prevent trips and falls. Connect the lights to your smartphone so you can set up customized lighting schemes and timers for the whole house.

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell can be immensely helpful for seniors. The camera gives your parents a clear view of anyone at the door, so they don't have to open the door to see who is visiting. An intercom system allows for interactions without ever having to open the door, and live streaming feeds let you watch as visitors approach your parents' home. Look for a doorbell that is capable of recording footage or sending it to a cloud storage system, as the camera in the doorbell can also be used to capture package thieves and would-be burglars.