Protecting Your Home, No Matter Where You Live

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Protecting Your Home, No Matter Where You Live

29 January 2019
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You can live in a luxury home in the nicest gated community or you can live in an average single-family residence in a less upscale area—either way, you will have to do your best to protect your home. Any home in any type of neighborhood can fall victim to criminals. Here are some things you can do, no matter what type of home or area you live in, that will help your home become a safer and more secure place.

Don't give anyone a place to hide

It can be tempting to put up a brick wall to add privacy to your home and to grow tall foliage to add seclusion to your home. You want to create your landscaping the way you want. However, there are other things to consider before you do this. Your neighbors can be great guard dogs when it comes to protecting your home, and if you cut their view off, they can't help you. Also, you're giving someone places to lie in wait until you come home, so they can victimize you. With a wall up, no one will see what's happening. For this reason, you may want to consider a wrought-iron fence or another see-through fencing.

Recognize the weakness in windows and sliders

Glass windows are huge weaknesses in any home, as are sliding glass doors. There are different tactics a criminal can use to get through windows and sliders that are quiet. In fact, there are even ways that a criminal can break a window without making noise.

Better locks are a great first step, but to really secure windows and glass doors you may want to take some bold steps. You can have shatterproof glass installed. Shatterproof glass will make it so no one can break or cut through your windows or sliders. You also want to be concerned with any doors that have decorative windows in them. Keep in mind these windows can be busted out, so the person can reach right in and unlock the doorknob.

Have a security system put in

You want to have a security system installed to really protect your home. Don't go with a security pack that isn't connected to a monitoring service. You want a system that's monitored, so real emergencies will get dispatched to local law enforcement. A good security system will offer you the following:

  • You can monitor and control the system from your own smart devices.
  • You can view the footage from the security cameras from your smart devices.
  • You know the alarm will let you know if there is an intrusion.
  • You know the monitoring company will check on you, then alert authorities.
  • Knowing there is a security system will scare off many criminals.

Now that you see some of the things you can do to better protect your home, you want to get started on making those changes. Having a security system put in is one of the most important of the suggestions from this article. Contact a company like All Pro Security if you are interested in installing a security system in your home.