Subtle Locations For Home Security Cameras

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Subtle Locations For Home Security Cameras

9 April 2016
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When it comes to increasing the protection of their home through the use of security cameras, many homeowners opt to have one mounted around the front door. While this highly visible location can certainly be enough to send would-be thieves looking for another house to victimize, some seasoned criminals might attempt to quickly dismantle or cover the camera because they know its location.

If you want to be sure that your security cameras remain able to catch any burglars in the act, consider installing them in locations that are a little more subtle -- they'll still provide a clear view of whoever's on your property so that you can provide this information to the authorities. Here are some other locations to consider.

In A Tree In Your Front Yard

If you have trees in your front yard, a security camera positioned in this location and aimed at your driveway or the front door of your home can clearly show anyone trespassing on your property and isn't likely to be detected. While you'll have to be sure that the tree's branches or leaves don't impede the view of the camera, your security system professional will be able to mount a camera in this location and ensure that it's not easy to detect.

On A Shed

A security camera on the back of your home is often ideal, but might not serve its purpose if the burglar can detect it easily. If you have a garden shed in your yard, have the camera mounted in a subtle location on the shed and pointed at your home so that the back door and basement windows are all within the field of sight. If the thief is focused on your home itself, he or she might not take time to look for a camera on the shed.

On A Neighbor's Home

If you have a close relationship with your neighbor, you might wish to each mount security cameras on your home but aimed at the others' home/yard. When a burglar approaches your home with the intent to break in, the neighbor's home is likely the last place that he or she might choose to look for a camera. A camera mounted somewhere under the roof eaves, however, will clearly catch the thief in the act -- and if your neighbor's home is ever targeted, the camera mounted to your home will do the same.