Deterring Thieves While You're On Vacation

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Deterring Thieves While You're On Vacation

6 April 2016
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It's important to keep your security measures up to date, but it's better if you combine security deterrence with also keeping potential burglars from even knowing that you're gone in the first place. Here are a few tips and technologies, including from security systems that can help you disguise the fact that you're out of town to help prevent robberies. 

Schedule Deliveries

A quick call to the newspaper or other regular delivery service could allow you to keep deliveries coming even when you aren't at home. You can either have someone come in and put the deliveries in your house, or else have a system where a delivery service makes sure they get put inside your door.

Vacations are an excellent time for burglars to target your house, after all, so making sure that you don't advertise your vacation by having a host of newspapers piling up on your lawn is something that's an important step to take in general.

Lighting Automation

If you outfit your house with a number of Wi-Fi enabled lightbulbs, you'll be able to control these bulbs remotely no matter where you are in the country or even in the world. You can also program this to make sure that lights are flickering automatically during random nights during the week. You can create entire programs simulating movement around the house by a real person.

For example, a light may flick on in one room and off in another to make it look like someone is moving through the house. This will ensure burglars skip over your house when they are casing.

Television Gadget

There are gadgets now that allow your television to turn on for random stretches of time at different key points at night or in the early morning in order to make it appear that here is someone in the house. Many burglars will case a house for a few nights when they suspect someone is on vacation in order to make sure no one else is sleeping in the house while there's no car in the driveway.

A gadget like this one can make it less likely that a potential burglar will be able to figure this out. They will likely abandon your house once they see signs that someone is still home.

Security Systems

Ultimately, the best way to deter criminals while you're on vacation is going to be through security systems and proper locks, including the smart, electronic kind. These are often available at your local locksmith. You can get alerts on your phone and live feeds to event talk to anyone loitering around the house. A loud alarm system is going to go a long way to deter thieves all on its own. Contact a security contractor, such as MD Electrical LLC, for more information.