3 Features Of A Good Home Security Alarm System

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3 Features Of A Good Home Security Alarm System

4 April 2016
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Are you concerned about the safety of your new house because it is in a nice neighborhood that is targeted by burglars? If you are now thinking about investing in a home security alarm system, make sure installation is done by a professional and that you opt for the right kind of features. Take a look at the article below to discover features that a home security alarm system can provide if you purchase one of a high quality.

1. Video Surveillance of Your Property

The best type of home security alarm system is one that is able to give you access to what is going on around your property. Basically, a professional can install cameras in the interior and on the exterior of your house to monitor specific areas. You also have the option of monitoring every area around your home. The good thing about security alarm system with surveillance cameras is that many of them will allow you to get a peek at your house from remote locations. Catching burglars on video is a great way to help law enforcement agencies with capturing them if they break inside of your house and escape.

2. Motion Sensors to Detect Movement

A great feature that you should opt for is a security alarm system that is equipped with motion sensors. You should be able to get motion sensors whether you invest in a system that has surveillance cameras or not. If you opt for a system that does not have video surveillance, the motion systems will cause the alarm to come on if someone is in your home and walks into an invisible infrared beam. When motion sensors are on security alarms that have video surveillance, the sensors are able to maneuver the cameras in the direction that movement is sensed.  You will be able to capture more of what's going on around your property as the cameras move.

3. Law Enforcement Will Automatically Be Notified

Make sure that you opt for a security alarm system that is able to alert law enforcement agencies if a burglar enters your house. Leave installation to a professional because he or she will be able to connect the alarm system to your home phone line. Some systems are also able to work with dedicated cellular phones to make sure the line is never busy when the alarm comes on. Contact a professional home security alarm contractor, like Murrell Burglar Alarms, so he or she can install a system in your house.