Understanding The Benefits Of Standalone Fire Hose For Your Commercial Building

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Understanding The Benefits Of Standalone Fire Hose For Your Commercial Building

2 April 2016
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As a business owner, you can benefit greatly from tools designed to keep your employees and building occupants safe. If your building is located in an area where the fire department's response time is more than five minutes on average, you may want to install fire hose stations in your building. Here's a look at a few key reasons why standalone fire hose stations are a good investment.

Fast Fire Suppression

When you have fire hose stations in your building, you have an effective suppression tool that may allow you to respond to small fires quick enough to extinguish them before the fire department arrives.

Once you've evacuated the building and a call has been made to the fire department, using a fire hose station may even allow you to put out the fire before the sprinkler system activates. Since sprinkler systems typically do more for containment than suppression, this may save you from further fire damage.

Easy To Use

Standalone fire hose stations in commercial buildings are designed to be easy to use, too. In fact, they have been designed for single-person use. You won't need multiple people to control the hose, and you also don't have to rely on heat or smoke to trigger the water like you do with a sprinkler system.

You can activate the system at any time utilizing the nozzle controls on the hose. This ensures that you have access to emergency water when necessary, not at the whim of your sprinklers or other fire suppression systems.

Minimized Water Damage

When you have a fire hose station in your building, the targeted suppression effort may help you to keep water damage at a minimum. You can use the hose to target the water to the core of the fire, which will put the fire out with less water than a widespread sprinkler system. Additionally, you won't have to wait for the fire department to turn off the hose like you would a sprinkler, so there's a good chance that there'd just be less water in the building in general.

Reduces The Risk of Trapped Employees

When you have standalone fire hose systems in your building, you reduce the risk of having any employees get trapped due to fire in the building. By training employees to use the fire hoses safely, they'll be able to target and extinguish a small to moderate fire that may be blocking their exit from the building. The investment could end up saving lives in the long run.

Although most fire-department installed hose systems are restricted to use solely by the fire department, standalone commercial fire hose systems like these can be installed for you and your employees to fall back on in emergencies. Talk with a local fire hose supplier like Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Company about your options and work with the fire department for proper installation and training.