Four Ways To Reduce The Chances Of Vandalism To Your Business Property

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Four Ways To Reduce The Chances Of Vandalism To Your Business Property

30 March 2016
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Vandalism can take its toll on a business. Although insurance will likely reimburse for some of the damage, it never takes into account the loss of productivity of your employees or the effect on their morale. The following are four ways to deter vandalism to your company's property.

Install flood lights

The biggest deterrent to vandalism is getting caught, and a good exterior lighting system will deliver a clear message that there is a good chance of getting caught when vandalizing your building. Flood lights cast a large area of light, so they are a good choice for security. Also, they can be controlled with timers to turn them off and on. Motion sensors can also be integrated with flood lights. Approaching vandals can trigger a flood light to turn on, and this may scare them away.

Remove graffiti immediately

The appearance of graffiti is not only an ugly mark on your building, but in the minds of many people, it is a sign of decay. In addition, graffiti encourages more graffiti, until the problem spins out of control. Check your building every business morning, and if you find graffiti, remove it immediately. Most graffiti is done with paint, so you may not be able to wash it off. Simply use a single color of paint, and apply it as a spray or use a roller brush, but the graffiti should be eliminated from view.

Exterior surveillance cameras

Commercial security systems and cameras can be hidden from view and record any activity on your property when your business is closed. You can post signs, so that potential vandals will know that they are being recorded, but of courses, they will not know where the cameras are located. If by chance vandalism still occurs, you may have enough evidence for the police to make an arrest.

Security patrols for your property

There are commercial security companies that provide various alarm systems and also offer security patrols to complement their systems. Obviously, these patrols will respond to a burglar alarm, but a patrol car can visit your business when it is not in operation. This can help reduce the chances of vandalism. This is especially true if the patrols are not done on a routine schedule. Patrol cars arriving at unpredictable times to your property make vandalism a risky activity.

The ideas listed above are only four of many possibilities. The most important idea to keep in mind is that you must be proactive. The action you take today may prevent an act of vandalism tomorrow.